Ever wanted to watch a video on YouTube or Vimeo simultaneously with your friends, who are not exactly sitting next to you?
Well, now you can!
Watch anything! YouTube videos ○ Vimeo videos ○ Any mp4 / ogv / webm / flv files
Public rooms
There are currenlty no public rooms, you can be first - just create new room and make it public
Latest news

Why, hello there.

We just delivered new update today. This time with bunch of fixes for rooms stability we have dropped also a new, small functionality. Now your last used room settings are remembered for later use.

Happy syncing :)

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How to use quickly

Add "sync-" before "youtube" in any YouTube video URL, to create new room with this video

For example:
should become:
How to use quickly

Add "sync-" before "vimeo" in any Vimeo video URL, to create new room with this video

For example:
should become:
Install one of those extension to be able to create room with a single click! Whenever you are on webpage with compatible video - you will be able to watch it with others.
For quick access you can also drag this button to your bookmarks:
When you're on YouTube or Vimeo, click on your new bookmark to create new room with current video.
We want to add new features at least one every two weeks, so we would appreciate a cup of coffee :) Thanks to you, we are able to provide this service for free!
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